Stop imagining the apocalypse. Start imagining the renaissance.

“The thing about pendulums we too easily forget in the darkest hours; they swing back. Right now, one is quietly supercharging its return.” Alain de Botton

Too long has the myth of perpetual progress inflicted damage to people and place making us lose sight of what truly matters: the wellbeing of our souls, of those around us, and of this planet we call home. Entire communities atomised into passive, scared, and obedient hyper individuals. Products of 5 centuries of Enlightenment, believing a lie that we’re powerless — waiting for a figurehead to save us from peril. At this rate what will our descendants stand to inherit? Plastic trash and chicken wings? Is this the legacy we stand to leave?

‘Don’t fall’, by @trashriot

The world may feel like it’s crumbling because it is. The tectonic plates that gave us the agricultural and industrial revolutions, are shifting again. As we stand between cultures — the outgoing one breaking under fantasies of infinite growth, the incoming one bursting through with the stubbornness of life — let us heed the frustration and the fear as our call to adventure. Let us quest for an answer to the question ‘what’s it mean to be human today? To be human together on this blue planet we call home?’

This is a sweetly powerful time. A time to kindle our own flame — not steal it from the gods — and imagine bigger, and better than ever before. A time to learn the ways and practices of a culture of the heart — not profit. There’s still time to reweave our shredded social fabric — if we come together as rough weather networks, knitted with trust.

We believe we can muster the imaginative prowess to see beyond the end of one civilisation, to shape the next. And leave behind a legacy coded with the secret to our survival — that tells our kin 100 generations from now, ‘Imagine with all your might. Cooperate with your every fibre.’

By @mrdanhilliier

Let us rewrite the rules of life. Let us pick up the tools and ideas available, and build the future. Let us stoke appetites for collaboration and care — and shift our mindset from ‘me’ to ‘we’. Together, we can cohere a vision that births new norms, new customs, and new behaviours — so people and planet flourish.

We are the pendulum supercharged with return. We are imagineers dreaming a way through. We are the many acting as one.

Way bigger




Mary V is currently rebooting Greece: | She’s on a mission to make solidarity sexy: | She advocates user-centred policy design

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Mary Valiakas

Mary Valiakas

Mary V is currently rebooting Greece: | She’s on a mission to make solidarity sexy: | She advocates user-centred policy design

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