Mary Valiakas
Mary V is currently rebooting Greece: | She’s on a mission to make solidarity sexy: | She advocates user-centred policy design

The optimist’s view of the billionaire space race and space tourism.

I feel compassion for Bezos. He finally sees the fragility of our planet and wants to protect it by… polluting space instead. I can see the twisted logic in this. But it really brings out the sickness of the billionaire: unchecked greed and detachment from consensus reality.

Someone recently proposed…

From cancel culture, to rape culture, systemic racism and everything in between — acknowledging our own and society’s skeletons is essential to deep, and long-lasting change. AKA stories are made to be rewritten.

One of the best news stories of 2020 has been President-Elect, Joe Biden, filling economic posts with experts on systemic racism. Planting these seeds of top-down systems change is the result of a long year of facing our collective shadows. I mean “shadows” in the Jungian psychology sense of making…

An open letter to Queen Elizabeth II inviting her to become a United Nations Kindness Ambassador in a bid to spread a kindness contagion.

António Guterres…

It’s the age of rebirthing social structures. So it’s only natural that women would lead the way. Because feminism in its most evolved form is a rallying cry for unity — an invitation to face the great challenges of our time, together.

We’re coming for you
A large mural of the Swedish climate change activist, Greta Thunberg, in Bristol by legendary local artist, Jody Thomas, who says Thunberg embodies a “new movement” in the fight against climate change.

A roadmap for a way out and co-created hope as we stand on the brink. AKA metaphysics* in motion

<*Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that examines the fundamental nature of reality, including the relationship between mind and matter, between substance and attribute, and between potentiality and actuality (Source, Wikipedia)>

When was the last time you held a burning question to your chest? Stoked it with fire from your…

How goddess Athena returned in her city in its time of need. AKA a frank exploration of the urban environment and its emotive relationship with social innovation.

Over the centuries, Athens had become harder to love. After the heights of its Hellenistic phase, full of chiselled harmony and Golden Ratios, this concrete jungle of wannabe graffiti scribbles now suffered from tattered self esteem. What did it have to show for itself? …

What can we achieve together that can’t be done alone? Reimagining our unsustainable reality as a celebration of human ingenuity. Musings on survival, the fabric of reality, culture shifts — and a love of life, inspired by Stephen Hawking’s wit and wisdom.

Every now and then, a notable personality will pass away and the world stands still as a litany of tributes highlight the best attributes of their flawed humanity. The staunch individuality of David Bowie, the defiant integrity of Muhammad Ali, and now, the intrepid fortitude of Stephen Hawking. Of course…

In humanity’s dark hour, it’s up to each and every one of us to be a dazzling light. Musings on the sharing economy and why shining bright means joining in our Global Sharing Week experiment.

Growing up in a very average neighbourhood in central Athens, I never in my wildest dreams imagined that Greece, or I, would one day remind the world what it means to be human. But here we are. Having this conversation while the world seems to be going up in flames…

Time to be audacious, ladies — gents, and non-binary folks. Why you can (and should) make the change you want to see. And how this girl’s heartache means Greece is becoming the incubator of global answers.

Now that the post-women’s march euphoria has given way to mild hysteria, can the Facebook echo chamber please calm down? We’re all heartbroken at the state of the world. Sometimes you just get dealt a shit card. It just so happens that this shit card has a fake tan and…

Mary Valiakas

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